Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy with Crowdshop?

Most Crowd Shoppers are in the market for home appliances, white goods, wearable tech, heating and cooling, electric scooters & bikes, personal electronic devices and much more, but Crowdshop allows you to buy pretty much anything over $500.  We just need the unique model number.

Can I buy items not displayed in Crowdshop’s shop?

Yes! Crowdshop allows you to add your own product to your basket, we display a number of products in our shop but you can always add more. The value of your basket needs to be over $500 in order to give you the maximum savings.

Does Crowdshop have a store that I can visit?

No, Crowdshop is only online which helps us keep our costs down and drive bigger savings for our Crowd Shoppers.

Can I use Crowdshop when shopping in other retail stores?

Yes. We partner with a number of Australian retailers. When shopping in-store take a photo of the price tag displaying the model and price. You can then add the product to your basket by clicking the “Enter Your Own Product” button on our website and uploading the photo.

What is the Benchmark price?

The benchmark price is the maximum price you will ever pay for your selected item(s). Any savings below the benchmark price are split 50/50 between the Crowd Shopper and Crowd Shop.

The benchmark price must be an advertised price with stock available in Australia.

I found a lower benchmark price; can I add it?

Yes. We display three default benchmark prices but if you find a cheaper advertised price you can add your own benchmark price.

If you add your own benchmark price you will be asked to provide a website link to the lower advertised price or an image of the in-store price tag that displays the model number and price.

What is the Crowdshop Price Guide?

The Crowdshop Price Guide is an estimate of the final price you will pay based on our knowledge of the market. We combine all Crowdshop orders and negotiate with several retailers to get Crowd Shoppers the best price.

How is your final Price calculated?

When you shop with Crowdshop you enjoy 50% of the savings we can negotiate on your behalf.

For example, you want to buy a new TV with a benchmark price (e.g. the price available from another retailer) of $2,500.  We combine your order with those of other Crowd Shoppers and negotiate with several retailers.

We negotiate a price of $2,000 (e.g. a saving of $500) for your TV. We each enjoy half of those savings (e.g. $250 each).

The final price that you pay is the benchmark price (e.g. $2,500) less your share of the savings (e.g. $250):

$2,500 – $250 = $2,250

… and just like that, you saved 10% off the lowest price you could find!

What is the maximum price I will ever pay?

The maximum price you will ever pay is the agreed benchmark price.

Can I pick up the product from the retailer?

Yes, as long as this service is provided by the successful retailer.

What is the Crowdshop returns policy?

Crowdshop doesn’t hold stock of any items, therefore all items are provided directly by the relevant manufacturer or supplier. If you want to return an item we will work with the relevant supplier of your product to give you the best outcome possible but we cannot always guarantee that returns will be accepted. Our team is always happy to help you with your enquiries.

What do I do if there is a fault with the product?

The manufacturer will be the most helpful if there is an issue with your product, we suggest you contact them in first instance. However, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we will help you sort it out.

Does Crowdshop receive rebates from Suppliers?

No. Crowdshop’s income is generated from the portion we keep of the savings we negotiate on your behalf. It is therefore always in our interest to save you as much as possible, the more you save the more we earn.